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At 34, Mikheil Janelidz appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs

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02 Février 2016

Georgia's got a talented GEM Alumnus as Foreign Affairs Minister since December 2015.

Mikheil Janelidze, who holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with Distinction from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (Georgia campus) in 2011, has been appointed as Georgia's Foreign Affairs Minister in December 2015.

He also holds a Ph.D. in International Trade Law at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affair, and speaks Georgian, English, German and Russian. In 2011, Janelidze was awarded with the Order of Honor by then-President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Mikheil has served as First Deputy Foreign Minister since September 2015. Prior to this he was Deputy Economy Minister and has led the Department for Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations for two years.

At only 34 years-old, this brilliant alumnus shows that the vast GEM Alumni network is really made of talented and passionate people around the world, who want to impact on global society.

Within the first month following his nomination, Mikheil mentioned the importance of Georgia’s integration with the European Union, which “is not just a core foreign policy priority of Georgia but has become a part of our national identity, because of the sense of belonging to the European system of values. Besides, the Georgian people believe that secure, stable and democratic development of the country can be assured only within the European and Trans-Atlantic area” - Mikheil Janelidze said. Read more

Congratulations! We wish Mikheil all the best!

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