Webinar - Stress management: how to develop your resilience?

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Would you like to reduce your stress, be able to act instead of react, and develop your resilience? If so, this webinar if for you!

Would you like to reduce your stress, be able to act instead of react, and develop your resilience? If so, this webinar if for you!

Now more than ever is extremely important to know how to handle your stress. Sometimes in our ultra-connected and globalized world we spend way too much time being stressed. Every day we are confronted to dozens of stressful situations. Unfortunately, we are not trained enough to cope with this rhythm.

“the health epidemic of the 21st century”

Stress has been called the “the health epidemic of the 21st century”! 6 out 10 people are reached in the workplace, but not only, teenagers and retired people also suffer from stress. Good news! there are several simple and efficient techniques that can help you cope with stress in a daily basis.

During this workshop you will get information on how stress is triggered, and moreover you will be able to do practical exercises to understand & manage your own stress sources and develop your resilience.



Professional presentation of Claudia Garcia

Claudia Garcia is the CEO & founder of DAREto: an innovative training and coaching firm specialised on leadership, which aim is to empower individuals and their organisations to enhance their brand, their influence and their motivation.

Passionate about human relations, Claudia believes that trust, confidence & diversity are the keys of happiness and therefore success.

She has 10 years of international professional experience, holds a BA in Economics. Before her 360° career switch, Claudia worked 5 years at General Electric’s strategic department of Investment Management, based in Paris. She is also certified on the fields of self-knowledge, organisational behaviour, positive psychology, career management and speaks 4 languages. Claudia is a fellow of an excellence program for high-potential leaders (SLP) & an active member of several organisations, such as PWN and 100,000 entrepreneurs.

In 2016, Claudia did 25+ workshops for over 400 participants and coached 20 persons to switch careers and develop their personal leadership.

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