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We are launching our first mentoring program for MBAs 2021 and we need you!




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You are an MBA alumnus/alumna with 5 years of experience in the field and want to share with students? 

Become a Mentor

Why become a Mentor?

To share:

-    Your knowledge of your sector of activity, of your profession …

-    Your experience within a big corporation, a SME, a Start-Up …

-    You’re out of the ordinary path : expatriation, career evolution, coming back to a technical profession, you took over your family business …

The qualities and commitments required:

-    Be willing to transmit, to feed off the exchange with students

-    Be listening 

-    Be benevolent

-    Be respectful of the confidentiality of exchanges

Your role as a Mentor:

-    Accompany your Mentee, so he/she benefits from your experience, 

-    Help him/her mature his/her professional project

-    Guide him/her to be successful in his/her functions…

-    Give him/her some tips to apprehend the next steps of his/her career

-    Define the terms of your exchanges

How to become a Mentor?

GEM Alumni is launching its first edition of the mentoring program to accompany MBA students for a few months, help them on their problematics, and give them advice to go back on the job market!

Using the mentoring tool on our new GEM Alumni platform, you will be able to discover our student’s profiles!

No need to be from Grenoble, Mentors and Mentees can be on every continents! Discussions can take place through the platform, or by email, phone, video, over coffee, lunch, etc., at your convenience.

The GEM Alumni team and the Careers team will be there to support you throughout the entire process, answer your questions and share information.

A community MBA mentoring program is on the GEM Alumni platform to allow you to discuss with your fellow mentors and mentees, share news, tips or articles and find all-important info!

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